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Corporate Philosophy

About us

Our corporate philosophy

As soon as you start doing business with us, you will notice Melis Transport is a real family business. We are open, involved, and love to think about your logistical needs with you. We are a friendly company and think of our clients as friends. We realise that there’s more to life than work, which is why you are always welcome to join us for a cup of coffee or a talk about life. At the same time, though, we want to build a long-term friendship with you and will work hard to achieve just that.


Core qualities

We are a broad logistics service provider. Our work ethic is based upon the following core qualities. Transparency: as an entrepreneur you want to know where you stand. We are right there with you and will do anything to be transparent to our clients. We stick to our promises and have short lines of communication. Quality: we at Melis value a timely, flawless provision of service and delivery. Staff: our personnel knows how important transportation is to you. With their experience, professionalism and motivation they will take good care of this.


Fleet: with our good and young fleet of vehicles, we can make your transport wishes come true. Our trucks have all been fitted with On Board Units for the German motorway tax system. International: we ride daily between any location in Holland and e.g. Frankfurt, Mannheim, Bremen or Erfurt. Modern: Melis Transport is a very modern company. We use the newest trucks that are obviously also fitted with a Track&Trace system. Strategic location: thanks to our central location we can move very swiftly. Our premises are located along the A12, A325 and the German border. Because of this we can be at any location in the Netherlands or Germany in no time at all.

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