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A long history

Transportation and the Melis family have been inseparable for almost one hundred years. Ever since Marinus Melis started doing passenger transport back in 1918, transport has never left us. The current man in charge is Marwin Melis and he is of the fourth generation of the Melis family since the company’s foundation. Since then, the horses have been replaced by more modern means of transport, but our qualities remain unchanged: flexibility, transparency and passion for the job.




1918 is the year in which Melis Transport was officially founded. Years before that, Marinus Melis transported passengers using a horse and carriage. With the years, demand for goods transport grew and that became the focus of the company when Marinus’ son Adrianus took over in 1930. In the 1960’s Adri Melis took charge of the company and he developed it into a leading, professional and complete transport company. Since a few years, Marwin Melis, who is of the fourth generation Melis, has been running the company. He steers the firm through tough economic times in a way which has become normal for us: with fervour and guts. In 2009 he acquired the logistics company Ter Heerdt-Reijmer from Zevenaar, including its fleet and personnel. On top of that, in these economic turbulent times, Marwin also majorly renewed all the trucks and trailers, changed the company’s branding and moved to a new location: Dijkgraaf in Duiven.

Much has changed over the years, but Melis transport is still a family-run business. Thanks to our short communication lines and pro-active attitude your transport is in good hands with Melis Transport!

Marwin Melis

100 jaar

So at Melis Transport, we have over one hundred years of experience in the transport industry. This experience is combined with a fresh perspective into the future. We never lean back but try to learn each and every day. That makes Melis Transport such an outstanding business partner. In the past we have done all kinds of transport like low loader and tipper truck transport, for example. Now, however, we focus on general cargo, pallets and odd-sized cargo. If you would like something else transported, there are many possibilities. At Melis Transport we like a challenge.


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