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Portable fork-lift

Using a portable fork-lift with Melis Transport

If you enlist the help of Melis Transport, you could use our portable fork lift or ‘Kooiaap’. This will be just as practical as a normal one, except you don’t lose cargo space. They go on the back of the trailer and many of our clients have made use of one of them before.

Melis Transport Kooiaap Afbeelding

The advantages of a portable fork-lift

A portable fork lift is mounted on the back of a trailer. This way, a fork lift which can be used to quickly load an unload is always at your disposal. A ‘Kooiaap’ is ready for use within just one minute. This way you’re always equipped with a machine ready for use on your cargo. This will save you a lot of time and money and will give you a large flexibility.

Melis Kooiaap Verhuur

Melis Transport’s Kooiaap

With our Kooiaap, possibilities are endless. Using the support legs, you will be able to lift extra heavy goods up until 5,500 pounds. The Kooiaap is equipped with telescopic forks, which give the machine an extra long reach. Moreover, our fork lifts go 4 ways, so that sideways action is possible too. The mast has a height of 10 feet and is suitable for a range of terrains. The folding legs will enable you to use it effortlessly on a tailgate. In short: the Kooiaap is a multifunctional vehicle which gets all sorts of freight in the right spot quickly and efficiently.

Would you like to use one of our Kooiaap trucks, or do you want some information? Let us know. We will answer your questions with pleasure. You could also fill out the form on the right hand side of this page and we’ll get into contact with you as soon as we can.

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