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ADR Transport

Additional transport possibilities

Melis Logistics takes the danger of ADR transport off your hands

The transport of dangerous goods, ADR transport, is part of Melis Logistics’ extensive service package. Melis’ professionals drive specially equipped trucks for this type of transport, providing a reliable and safe solution at all times. For example, the trailer is equipped with a liquid-proof floor, to avoid any danger due to leakage. The (partial) transfer of liquids into a tank is not a problem either, because all drivers are ADR-certified and know what to do by heart. When you hand over the transport of ADR goods to an experienced transport company such as Melis Logistics, you can sit back and relax with peace of mind: the danger has passed.

Melis Logistics drives for… VLS Group

Melis shifts rapidly and adapts seamlessly to the client’s flexibility, peaks and troughs. The cooperation with the Rotterdam VLS-Group, a European supplier for the chemical industry and related sectors, is a prime example of this. Dissatisfied with their carrier at the time, VLS was brought into contact with Melis Logistics via a mutual connection. After Marwin Melis put the prices on the table in the port city on a certain Wednesday at the end of 2015, the first truck left within less than 24 hours. And although it was difficult for Marwin to get any sleep that night, the cooperation turned out to be a great success from the very beginning. Melis Logistics still transports the ‘Stihl Motomix’ (fuel for chainsaws) for both VLS Rotterdam and the locations in Gent and Antwerp (Belgium).

Want to know more?

Special laws and guidelines apply to ADR transport to ensure that transport is conducted as safely as possible. Therefore, we don’t compromise as far as our equipment or employees go in this area. We choose the most suitable and safest solution for each transport. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of ADR transport at Melis Logistics? We’d like to invite you for a cup of coffee to discuss your questions and our offer. Leave your contact details here so we can call you. Melis handles ADR transport with the utmost expertise.

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