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Crane transport

Additional transport possibilities

Melis Logistics takes care of all types of transport, even when goods have to be transported to places that are difficult to reach. With our Scania G420, in combination with the 40-ton truck-mounted crane, crane transport is no challenge to us either. Wherever you want the goods to be delivered, and no matter how far up this place is, it doesn’t matter to our expert drivers. They’ll set out with our crane truck and make sure the job gets done.

Crane transport from Groningen to Limburg

When we say that it doesn’t matter where we have to deliver, that’s exactly what we mean. From the northernmost tip of Groningen to the convergence of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the south and from Enschede to Delfzijl: Melis’ drivers will be able to find any and every destination. Even when a crane is needed to get your goods to the right place. Crane transport provided by Melis Logistics means that the transport, loading, unloading and hoisting is arranged for you by means of a single crane truck.

Difficult to reach? Not for our crane truck!

Flexibility in transport, that’s what our crane transport has to offer your organisation. For example, does a heavy load need to be transported to a specific location on a construction site that’s not very easy to reach? We’ll take care of it for you, without any problems. Our crane places the load exactly where it should be. Efficient and fast. Very useful; for example, there’s no need for a truck-mounted fork truck anymore to get the cargo in the right place.

Our crane truck

Melis Logistics’ truck-mounted crane has a capacity of 40 ton metres. That means that this crane truck can lift 20 tons at 2 metres distance from the crane base, and about 10 tons at 4 metres. It’s usually about 16 metres long, but can be extended up to 21 metres with a jib extension. With this extension on a loading crane of 16 metres, the maximum load amounts to 500 kilograms. When the load doesn’t need to be placed very far and the crane stands at just 16 metres, it can take on an impressive 1000 kilograms. At distance of 6 metres, even a weight of 5 tons is no problem. Our crane combination can be combined with the glass suction device, which we also use on a regular basis. So there’s not much that can’t be loaded with the Melis Logistics crane. We’ll do your job, too, that’s for sure.

More information about crane transport by Melis

Do you want to know more about our crane transport and are you curious what Melis can do for you? Let us know by leaving your contact details here and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. As far as we’re concerned, they’re endless.

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