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Truck-mounted forklift transport

Melis Logistics likes to think out of the box. That’s how we offer possibilities for transport by means of a truck-mounted forklift. A truck-mounted forklift is a portable forklift that can be mounted on the back of almost every truck. The truck-mounted forklift is ready for use within a minute, allowing you to load and/or unload your cargo without delay. No cargo is too big or too heavy for our powerhouse, which makes the truck-mounted forklift a multifunctional addition to your logistic processes. Because we understand that your days are often too short and every additional 15 minutes spent on something, are 15 minutes too many. We regularly provide transport by means of a truck-mounted forklift for wonderful customers such as Nedal Aluminium B.V. from Utrecht and Marlux N.V. from Belgium, but of course we gladly serve any destination (with or) without our own forklift.

The following options fit under the truck-mounted forklift umbrella:

Multifunctional truck-mounted forklift

The truck-mounted forklift is equipped with all kinds of useful features that make it invaluable in any situation and at any time, at any location. For example, the handy device has sturdy support legs that can lift goods weighing up to 2.500 kilograms. In addition, this flexible forklift truck is equipped with retractable spoons and also makes it possible to work sideways as well as forwards and backwards. No surface is impossible to traverse for the truck-mounted forklift; all roads are fair game whilst driving (thanks to the modern wheel drive) or whilst at a standstill (thanks to the folding legs). You don’t have your own forklift and have a rush order for which you could really use one? Even then, Melis Logistics is your partner who’d gladly help you out.

Any questions about our transport by means of a truck-mounted forklift?

With us, you can closely follow every transport by means of your personal track & trace code, so you know exactly what you can expect. Melis is the reliable partner who understands what your organisation needs; our possibilities are endless. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of transport by means of a truck-mounted forklift at Melis Logistics? We’d like to invite you for a cup of coffee to discuss your questions and our offer. Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible! Of course you can also call us yourself: you can reach us at +31 (0)26 – 36 11 333.

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