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Conditioned transport

Additional transport possibilities

We’re renowned for our multifaceted transport options. Conditioned transport is an important part of our services. We make sure that fresh foodstuffs will end up on the shelves in the same fresh state thanks to our conditioned transport. Melis Logistics’ drivers handle each shipment with the utmost care, through which we can guarantee food and traffic safety.

Specialised in conditioned transport

For years now, Melis Logistics has specialised in conditioned transport and frozen transport. Our trucks contain a double evaporator to accommodate different temperature zones. The trailers can be split into three compartments: freeze, normal and cool or warm. This enables us to transport various product types in one go, which is ideal for supermarkets, for example. The conditioned trailers are fitted with a rear closing door. If there is not enough space at the rear, unloading via the side is no problem at all, either.

International frigo transport.

We also refer to conditioned transport as frigo transport. We provide this service both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our team of planners and experienced drivers ensure that your products reach their destination with the utmost care, wherever this may be. We can be of service to both small and big clients. Your product is given our undivided attention. We continuously check up on the temperature in the trailers to make sure they’re cold enough. International frigo transport is in safe hands with Melis Logistics.

Silent and proper planning

Supermarkets are often located in residential areas, so silent loading and unloading is of great importance. Our conditioned vehicles are Piek-certified, which means that they meet all noise standards. So while our Melis professional unloads the cargo at the local supermarket, the local residents – young and old alike – can sleep on soundly. Our experienced drivers who drive the conditioned transport trips, too, work according to high quality standards. Our employees often work with us for a long period of time and know exactly what specific requirements are involved with transport. Communication and good planning are important for the proper management of conditioned transport. The professionals at the office make sure that everything goes according to plan. This way you can be sure that the refrigerated transport is well organised from start to finish.

Transport for Jumbo Supermarkets

One of the companies we work for is Jumbo Supermarkets. Jumbo, like Melis Logistics, was originally a family business with enormous growth ambitions. The first step for us to say ‘hello’ to this supermarket chain in August was the iron-clad acquisition of Marwin Melis. After several actions on LinkedIn, a conversation followed and in no time the deal with the Jumbo distribution centres in Breda and Woerden was finalised. Within a month, four trucks were on the road every day (two per distribution centre) to supply the supermarkets in the areas surrounding Breda and Woerden. This transport is provided by Melis’ trailers as well as by the well-known Jumbo trailers. Bearing in mind the mutual growth ambition, the target has been set at 10 trucks per day, per location. Ambitious as we are, the question is not whether this will be realised, but rather when.

We’re happy to take care of it

We’re not just any transport company. With more than a hundred years of experience, we’re a fully fledged logistic service provider both in the Netherlands and abroad. Reliability and flexibility are two important core values within our company. We have an eye for your specific needs as a client and are happy to relieve you of your worries. The rates of conditioned transport depend on the goods and their destination. The delivery date and time also play a role. Curious about our competitive rates? Feel free to contact us; we’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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