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Truck-mounted crane transport

Additional transport possibilities

Melis Logistics puts every destination within reach

Melis Logistics thinks beyond the purchase of a modern trailer. By considering matters from you (our customer’s) point of view, we understand what transport-related needs must be met. The truck-mounted crane is an excellent example of this; this crane is the perfect solution for goods that need to be transported to places that are difficult to reach. As a result, places that are difficult to reach, such as construction sites, are not so difficult to reach after all. With the Melis truck-mounted crane, your transport becomes even more flexible and its range even greater than it originally was. ‘No’ no longer exists, ‘challenge’ on the other hand does!

Truck-mounted crane transport

Melis has a truck-mounted crane with a capacity of 40 ton metres. It’s usually about 16 metres long, but can be extended up to 21 metres with a jib extension. With this extension – on a loading crane of 21 metres – the maximum load amounts to 500 kilograms. Without this extension – on a loading crane of 16 metres – the maximum load amounts to an overwhelming 1.000 kilograms. So there isn’t much that can’t be loaded with our crane! We also have a glass suction device at hand. At distance of 6 metres, even a weight of 5 tons is no problem. That’s very useful if you need to place windows or other glass objects at a great height, for example. Melis Logistics ensures that your possibilities are as endless as ours.

More information

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