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National transport

National transport with professional distribution

Melis Logistics is the transport company to and for your organisation

From Groningen to Limburg and everything in between, big or small: Melis Logistics knows how to effortlessly reach your destination in no time at all. The size of your business order doesn’t matter to us, because every journey is made with military-like precision. Naturally, you can follow your order closely with the received track & trace code, so you know where you stand at every given moment of any day. Whatever your wish may be, from complete freights to distribution rides, express transport and even 24-hour service; we adapt our offer to your demand so no question remains unanswered. Melis is the dependable partner who understands what your organisation needs. In the past several years, many other clients came before you and countless (tailor-made) solutions were delivered. A single point of contact with Melis – you will be in contact with one professional – ensures that the lines of communication are short and clear and that a relationship can be established. Because to us, you’re not a business name or a number; we see and treat you as a friend.



Melis Logistics specialises in national distribution. For example, goods from Rotterdam’s harbour can be delivered to the final customer in no time. Would you like to perform a brief inspection of the shipment or does something need to be checked up on before it’s sent? In that case, your business warehouse, or ours in Duiven, can serve as the perfect intermediate stop before it’s delivered at the final stop. Our logistic experts know like no other what to pay attention to in order to guarantee a flawless logistic process. Therefore, if you wish, you won’t need to do anything, yourself, and we’ll arrange your shipment from its entry to its delivery. Thanks to Melis’ professionals, you can sit back because you can trust that everything is going well.

Corporate identity

Because branding is an important part of an organisation’s success, we also offer the possibility to transport your goods according to your own corporate identity. Our driver drives a Melis truck with your business name and logo on its side and with your goods in the cargo space. The perfect ingredients for a successful cooperation. You don’t need to invest in (the schooling of) drivers or expensive transport equipment, but you’ll still enjoy the fruits of our assets, years of experience and of course our knowledgeable professionals.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our national transport – potentially per your own corporate identity and are you curious as to what we can do for you? In that case, leave your contact information here so we can call you for an appointment.

Melis Logistics drives for… ATAG Benelux

ATAG Benelux is one of the most prestigious producers of built-in appliances, with deliveries made to both kitchen businesses and stores. Vincent Koers (Melis’ in-house planner) introduced Melis Logistics to the other business from Duiven, after which Marwin Melis sealed the deal with ATAG. And what began in 2011 with an incidental drive, grew to be an average of 10 to 12 drives a day 5 years later. Flexibility plays a big roll in transport for ATAG: because many kitchen businesses are closed on Mondays, Melis drives ‘only’ 6 to 8 times on those days. This results in a huge spike in the next day, doubling the number of rides to about 16. As such, ATAG Benelux is Melis’ biggest client. No matter where or when we’re driving, we do so with the utmost diligence.

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