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 25 August 2019

Melis Logistics is moving forward: expansion of our warehouse

Always looking for innovation to be able to work as efficiently as possible and to be of optimal service to our clients. It’s kind of in our DNA. Recently, we have sunk our teeth a new project: the expansion of our warehouse’s capacity. Many transport companies simply don’t have enough space to handle pallet shipments. As you may have become aware of by now, however, Melis’ blood will tell. So: time for expansion.

Warehouse capacity increased by 5000 pallets

By increasing the capacity of our warehouse, we’ve created space for 5000 pallets, enabling us to be of service to more clients. By merging the shipments of various clients, Melis Logistics is able to service various destinations within our country swiftly and efficiently. That way, not a single kilometre – with a half-filled trailer – is wasted.

Expanded WMS

You’ll understand that we, by servicing many different clients at the same time, have to work with precision. Our warehouse is therefore outfitted with an elaborate Warehouse Management System. This system manages the location division within the warehouse, enabling the coordination of the undercurrent and planning order to realise an optimal flow of goods.

Opportunity for VAL

Because we enjoy taking work off your hands, we’ve also expanded the opportunities for VAL-activities. VAL stands for Value Added Logistics, meaning we’ll label, sort and prepare your goods for shipment. That way, you’ll hardly need to pay attention to the products. You can, of course, trust that we’ll handle the goods with the utmost care. Just as you’re used to from us.

Working faster thanks to barcode scanner

In order to clarify the process surrounding stock and logistics and reducing the probability of mistakes during the selection of the right goods to 0,1%, we nowadays make use of barcode scanners. Barcode systems in the magazine additionally ensure that work can be done faster. Due to this automatisation, not only do you need to spend less time searching, but it also shaves off time spent on administration and stock check-ups.

It’s also possible to arrange transport of the goods with our own vehicle fleet, of course. Do you want to know more and are you curious as to what we can mean for you? Leave your contact information behind here and we’ll call you as soon as possible for an appointment. Melis Logistics makes it a possibility.

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