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 25 August 2019

Melis Logistics joins Safety Deal “Trusting Safety”

Safe Dutch roads, without fatal accidents and a strongly reduced number of damage reports. That sounds like a noble goal, but in order to work towards this, behavioural change must take place in the parties involved in transport via Dutch roads. This is why Safety Deal ‘Trusting Safety’ was brought to life. At the beginning of this month, the deal was signed by Marwin Melis on behalf of Melis Logistics.

Severe accidents involving trucks still take place far too often. The results are grave: on average, 23 people are fatally wounded and 105 people suffer serious injuries during such accidents. This has to change, but whilst safety is in the DNA of many truck drivers, it still proves easier said than done. Behavioural change extends beyond a warning for the consequences of your behaviour or a reward for doing something you would not usually do. It’s about knowing what drives a person to show certain behaviour.

An initiative with a goal that matters

The Safety Deal has been brought to life by transporters Cornelissen, St. van den Brink and Peter Appel Transport in cooperation with Kruidvat. TVM has offered its advice as an insurance company. The project is led by logistics consultant BRICKLOG. Participants in the Safety Deal have a clear goal in mind: to create safety and trust in retail distribution by means of behavioural change in all involved parties to bring the number of fatalities in accidents with trucks back to 0, and to reduce the number of damage reports.

With this deal, the involved parties agree to strictly adhere to the driving and resting times, to educate personnel properly and to maintain the vehicle fleet well. Additionally, the deal pertains to route planning and availability, safety campaigns and preparation for the upcoming drives by the drivers, themselves. Through this, people are working on a culture of trust and ongoing process improvement with regards to participation and safety.

Unique cooperation

Melis Logistics is an important partner to Kruidvat with 54 trips per week for this chain. “Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that the transport sector does not have a universally good reputation. Many experience it as unsafe and a necessary evil. The reality is that there are a lot of companies and drivers who dedicate themselves daily to making the transport process safe and swift. With this Safety Deal, we want to support and nurture this effort,” Marwin Melis said.

René Nobels from consultant BRICKLOG speaks of a unique cooperation. “The Safety Deal is unique amongst its kind. It’s the first time that a whole chain of all involved parties have established agreements on paper. Because we can point out one another’s mistakes and have established an ‘independent point of contact’, the behavioural change can genuinely be secured.”

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