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 25 August 2019

The silent forces behind our organisation

Melis Logistics is constantly on the move. A team of eager experts hides behind the scenes of all that movement we stimulate. Every colleague takes responsibility within the area of expertise they stand out in. From the customer service team to the vehicle fleet custodian and from the administrative clerk to our logistical planners; they each give their all to ensure that tasks can be completed as smoothly as possible. With this support, our clients, too, can accelerate, so they don’t have to stand still for a single day, either.

Meeting the team

Because we think it’s important for you to know who you could end up with, and because we want to give these vital links within our organisation a face, we’d love to introduce the team to you. Via the new page on our website, you’ll reach all the employees working in our office. Via this same route, you’ll also find the contact information belonging to the person you’re looking for, so you can quickly be helped by the person you need.

Our vacancies page

Melis Logistics regularly has vacancies. We’re continuously expanding and we need more and more manpower to facilitate this growth. That’s why we frequently hire new employees and why new functions within the organisation have been created. For instance, recently you might have read that Bram has been able to call himself Business Analyst since a few months ago, which is a function never before held within our organisation.

Do you see yourself as part of the tight-knit Melis Logistics family? Keep a close eye on our vacancies in that case. New vacancies are regularly posted online. You might soon be shining on our team page.

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