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 15 June 2020

Unique collaboration between Melis Logistics and CADAC

They are enterprising, quality and innovation are paramount and they are unique in their kind. The DNA of Melis Logistics and CADAC is similar in almost every facet. Consequently, a beautiful and unique collaboration was established between the two companies in 2019. Unique because Melis Logistics not only took over part of the storage of CADAC, but also unloads sea containers and picks orders for the company.

CADAC is one of the oldest barbecue companies in the world and has been selling very actively in Europe since 1992. As Director Tim Polman says: “We’re not a One day fly.” The company invests proactively in production molds – tools to produce their unique barbecues, such as the original Skottelbraai. “These molds ensure that no one can imitate them ‘just like that’. That makes us unique.” However, they invest not only in new products, but also in collaborations. After the previous party quitted, they were looking for a new (logistics) partner who could support them in their work. Melis Logistics turned out to be the partner par excellence because of the matching DNA and because they are located in Duiven, just like CADAC. Since last year, Melis has been responsible for part of the work.

Warehouse activities

Warehouse manager Bert Schut: “This collaboration was just a little bit different than we were used to. It wasn’t just about the storage of goods, but also about carrying out other activities. Such as unloading sea containers and storing them, but also picking orders and preparing them for the carriers”. To make this possible, Melis rented a new warehouse in Arnhem. It is now completely filled with goods from CADAC.

Order picking

CADAC pays a lot of attention to its (online) visibility and findability. That they are now quite ‘visible’ is shown by the fact that they deliver unique barbecues all over the world. Not only to companies, but also to consumers. These orders mainly come in from the webshop. Melis also helps CADAC with those orders. Four to eight employees are busy picking orders in the warehouse every day. Polman: “These employees not only pick orders for our business-to-business customers, but they also help us with webshop orders. This means that they also prepare goods for the consumer. This is a separate flow of order picking and requires different actions”.

Close cooperation has originated in a short period of time. “Although such a collaboration is relatively new to Melis, they tackle it with all their energy, attention and focus. Nothing is left to run its course. The lines are very short. Not only because we are located close to each other, but also because when there is something wrong, it could be solved immediately. Together we go for it!”

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