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Barcode scanning


Working efficiently with barcode scanning from Melis Logistics

Melis Logistics’ spacious warehouse is filled to the rafters with small innovative pieces of technology that make the warehouse work just a little bit easier, faster and smarter. Barcode scanning is one of these innovative pieces of technology. The barcode courses through the logistic process like a leitmotif and is truly indispensable nowadays.

1:1 interaction with WMS

Barcode scanning has many advantages, of which the increased productivity and the reduction of input errors are only two. The inventory is also updated in real time, which results in higher reliability and again saves time. Our WMS (Warehouse Management Software) is, of course, essential in enabling us to register all scanned data. The amount of information in this system increases enormously with barcode scanning. The data is easy to analyse and useful conclusions can be drawn here.

Two-dimensional scanning; from QR code to datamatrix

The scanners Melis Logistics uses are not ordinary scanners. No, we use the Rolls Royce among the scanners, which can also scan two-dimensionally. This means that not only the classic barcodes (one-dimensional) are read, but also the more modern QR and Datamatrix codes. Whatever technology you or your supplier use, we translate it into useful information and ensure that your goods are always processed as efficiently as possible.

More information

Would you like to know more about the versatile possibilities of barcode scanning at Melis Logistics and would you like to know what we can do for you? Please fill in this contact form so we can call you for an appointment. Everything is possible with Melis.

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